My name is Madeleine Söderström and my daily life and work is to help people, groups, society, government and the planet to become a good place to live in.

Help you to find your way to be in the world.

Help organisations to get into a good flow and find a way to cooperate in a way so that they can fully grow.

I work on many different assignments. Few days are the same, but overall, it’s all about how to create and maintain: Resilience – Flow – Balance.

In different ways, I help people / leaders / groups / environments/societies to identify how to start a free flow so that new and durable ideas, qualities, patterns, results, thoughts, meetings, relationships, cultures ……..can take place. Together we clean up what’s in the way, and look at how to balance and strengthen the resources that already exist. 

How do you want to live?

How do you want to LEAD?

How often do you smile?

What footprints do you want to leave behind?

What environment do you want to live in?

… where do you want to GO?



Phone: +46708461932

Mail: madeleine@morko.se

webb: http://www.madeleinesoderstrom.org

Dialog – Eckanförde Germany
Foto: Alina Berkovskaia
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